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Connecting You to Europe, Latvindia Group, Latvindia Foundation


Our mission is to connect you to Europe.
Latvindia is a collection of several projects linked by a common goal: Connect to Latvia, connect to Europe. Some of our projects are non-profit projects that feed off our business ventures.
Investment management

Investment Management

Latvindia Group companies provide investment opportunities for foreign investors who wish to invest in a Latvindia company's share capital to meet Latvian law requirements for obtaining a temporary residence permit.

The Project has a long-term investment perspective and prefers to grow organically through investments in fields where the management has significant experience. It makes investments using its equity capital, which allows optimum flexibility in terms of financing and, consequently, swift investment decisions. The investment activities are deployed in support of a coherent long-term strategy. They include no-risk or low-risk investments in real estate, real estate development, bank deposits, and unique B2B investments.

Latvindia Group established the Latvindia Foundation to facilitate connecting you to Europe.

Real Estate

Real Estate Development is our new business project. Latvia’s property market is an emerging market.

Our new student hotel project seeks to solve the high demand for quality, affordable, and modern housing options for university students in Riga. With a growing number of Latvian and international students attending higher education institutions, there is an identifiable need in the market for high-quality, purpose-built student accommodation near university and college campuses. The project aims to fill this gap by designing, building, and managing state-of-the-art student accommodations that feature modern amenities, offering a safe and comfortable living environment that enhances the academic experience of college and university students.

Latvia’s property market is emerging, making it worth investing in. We buy small- to medium-sized apartments in Riga and rent them out.

We recently added a new element to this project, which qualifies the property investment for residence permit application.

Riga Latvia

Professional advice

Professional Advisory Service

The goal of the professional advisory service offered by Latvindia Group is twofold: 1) to assist our clients and investors of Latvindia who want to relocate to Latvia along with their families, 2) to give the clients and investors a chance to utilize their professional skills and experience through offering their services to Latvian companies and individuals.

In the first case, we offer a complete range of assistance, starting with advisory on finding and choosing an apartment or house for living, be it rental or purchase, finding a school or daycare institution for the kids, medical services or jobs. After relocation, primary ex-pat services are offered.

In the second case, depending on the skills and wishes of our clients, we can bring them in contact with local businesses that need this knowledge, or we can together build up a solid offering of a specific service.

LOIP big logo

Innovation Platform

LOIP Latvindia Open Innovation Platform is the leading platform for global talents, innovators to get support in creating viable projects in Latvia and Europe.

LOIP simply and easily connects your innovation to Latvian companies, investors and universities.

The innovators who submit the best ideas can gain skills, earn money and even implement their ideas in Latvia, and European Union.

Education Platform

Latvindia Education Platform is a venue for learning. We offer different courses to Indian and other young people helping to prepare for Latvian (Baltic/European) universities. We also provide Latvian language courses for the same people and those who moved or want to move to Latvia. The platform also offers courses in environmental ethics, sustainability, Latvian and European business etc. At the same time, our clients and partners can use the Education Platform to present their individual knowledge that might be useful for others worldwide.

Latvindai Education Platform

Latvindia Foundation Charity


When we refer to charity, we may speak of the act of giving help to people. Charity has always been the focus of the Latvindia Foundation. We have two priorities – to help young talents with innovative ideas and facilitate the international exchange of students. Our goal is to identify those highly motivated young people who deserve support, study their needs, and help them accordingly.

In addition, Latvindia Foundation invites applications for educational scholarships every year. We also support Indian and other families who moved to Latvia by investing in Latvindia Group to pay the children's tuition fees for International schools and university education.

Our Founders

With more than 25 years of expertise

With more than 25 years of experience working with private clients, in addition to an intimate knowledge of human nature and communication. He is recognised as a thought leader in the immigration industry.

Laszlo Gaal

Roberts holds a Masters Degree (LLM) in International Law and Finance, and has extensive experience in diplomatic service, international relations and business networking.

Roberts Stafeckis

Latvindia Story

The idea for the Latvindia Inititative was conceived in India in 2018. Talking to our Indian clients, we realised a strong need for European connections. Many of them want to travel freely to Europe, even move there, and wish to send their children to European schools. Many Indians are thinking about doing business and investing in Europe.

The first Latvindia project was born in a few months, and a few years later, the Latvindia Initiative received its present form. Initially, we focused only on India, but recently we have opened up to other countries.

Latvindia Story

Riga Latvia

Why Latvia?

Although Latvia does not necessarily come to one’s mind when choosing the dream destination for living, it has many advantages to consider.

Latvia has a moderate climate, with summer temperatures rarely reaching 30 degrees. There are no severe or minor earthquakes, hurricanes or flooding. All lakes and rivers of Latvia are suitable for swimming and fishing. Half of Latvia is covered with forests. Latvia is 2nd greenest country in the European Union, according to WHO and the European Environmental Agency.

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is indisputably the largest city in the three Baltic States and one of the ‘greenest’ cities in the region. Riga International Airport is the largest air transportation hub in the Baltics, offering regular direct flights to around 100 destinations. As Latvia is a member of the Schengen area, flying to another European country is as easy as taking a local city bus.

Latvia is also a fully integrated member of all major economic and political structures — including the European Union, NATO, WTO and OECD — advancing trade, peace and freedom in Europe and the world. Its position in the global market offers investors both opportunity and stability. Latvia is ranked #2 out of 38 in the OECD’s International Tax Competitiveness Ranking and #19 in the general Ease of Doing Business survey.


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